Further to statements earlier in the week and subsequent questions we would like to give an update on recent events.

As previously stated none of the Trust board, except for the two board representatives, knew anything about the proposal from Alex May. Once we became aware, we acted quickly and decisively and formally opposed any involvement. This was subsequently reflected in the vote at the GTFC board meeting which thankfully was unanimous. Our two board representatives did have prior knowledge following his recent introduction which highlights the issue of confidentiality and the invidious position it can create for them. This is something we are reflecting on and will be discussing with the Club. Neither Dave nor Jon believe this investment would have happened but given if it had they would have had no option but to resign their positions.

Mr May has not put any money into the club at all. Any speculation around this seems to have come from mis understanding of reports from Company’s House which show the up to date total shares issued. This is updated each time the Club registers new share purchases and any recent movement is due to the shares purchased by fans.

Regarding our stance on change of ownership we are already on record as saying that this would be desirable to the right purchaser which is why we took the initiative last week to approach Mr Shutes to see if we could help facilitate discussions. It is important to emphasise this was done on Wednesday 9th December prior to the disclosure about Mr May and there is no connection between the two.

We are pleased that Mr Shutes agreed to a meeting which was very constructive and subsequently there has also been a good meeting with chairman Philip Day. Whilst understanding everyone’s thirst for knowledge, especially the media, both parties have said that they will not be issuing details of discussions and this needs to be respected. They need to be given the space to get this to a conclusion one way or another. We will be helping with that in any way we can.

We have been contacted by a group of fans keen to collaborate and ensure we are reflecting wider views, we are very happy to do that and will be responding positively to that request.  It is often very difficult to represent all views, at all times we try to take a balanced view and take into account the fact that social media doesn’t always reflect general opinion. Currently we are very clear that it certainly does.

Our view is that we need to give potential takeover discussions every chance to succeed and, in the meantime, consult with fans about alternatives should the negotiations not be successful. We would anticipate any action resulting from those discussions would be put to a vote. As is evident from his recent statement we also need to give the manager space to fully concentrate on the playing side of things.

Finally, it is impossible for us to reply to every single tweet or comment on a message board and so we have decided that we will set up a questions and answers page that we will regularly update and issue links to. The best way to contact us is enquiries@marinerstrust.co.uk.