For whatever reason, it has been a month since this website provided a new blog ( ). A lot has changed in that month, not just in football results, but in local and national politics for instance.  Even as I sit to write this, things keep changing.  I am hoping to listen to GTFC Wembley legend Wayne Burnett on Radio Humberside any minute now, but they keep talking about some Hull City player and a suspension that is likely to be national news as it breaks.( )

Anyhow, since the above blog, those last few weeks have been all about the GTFC Player of the Year night followed by GTFC’s resounding 5-1 aggregate semi-final victory over Eastleigh.

To recap the latter, the first leg was appropriate snapshot of GTFC’s season – some drama with delayed kick-off, some glorious missed opportunities in the first few minutes, topped off with a couple of wonder goals, both from Nathan Arnold. Of course to get us nervy inbetween them Town conceded an equaliser in a game when they should have been 2 or 3 goals ahead.  In the second leg, Ollie Palmer scored a excellent neat goal 10 minutes before half-time, followed up by The Shop chasing down an Eastleigh defender, and slotting away to make it 4-1 overall, which led to a celebratory second half, capped off by Palmer’s second goal and the inevitable end of game pitch invasion.   Of course, you know all this already. The point I’m slowly making was that somehow the first leg was more like a home game and the second like an away game in terms of the result. 😉

Enough recap. Blog-time. With the Wembley place guaranteed, much GTFC-related stuff since has been about the ticket prices, and selling arrangements. Our friends at Codalmighty put it better than anyone else so far with this piece;

I’ve been too busy at work write blogs, as have a number of fellow Board members, so am reliant on links, and invite Mariners fans to email us at the Trust ( if you want to contribute blog-ideas.   It is now Wembley weekend, we hope to flood you with blogs, news items and links in relation to the pre-match build-up.

I urge you to get in the mood by visiting the official gtfc account on YouTube, by following @MarinersTrust on twitter and facebook, and we hope to keep offering competitions and prizes, which have been promoted via tweets and facebook in particular.  Listen to the Orphan Boy song. Re-watch the Burnett/Donovan goals online.  Get yourself in the mood for the big game.

Keep an eye out for Player of the Year compere Tommy Turgoose on Football Focus tomorrow,  and of course for the build-up in local and national media generally, and we hope to see you at Wembley!

Posts to follow soon: – Last Sunday, the Mariners Trust ran 3 games of football at Blundell Park in a Play on the Pitch day. Pics to follow!

– An article from a Kidderminster fan who sits on their Trust’s board

– Much more, time permitting, and again, depending on you guys too!


Up The Mariners!!