You may be aware that the EFL have contacted all of their member clubs about the possibility of some radical to the structure of the league and the calendar. With the information we have our feedback to the club is that we are very much against the changes and are suspicious of the intent to include “B” teams as part of the structure. As we understand it they have asked clubs for feedback this week (not to vote yes or no) and the next stage is to consult fans via the FSF in October. They then intend to have firm proposals in place for November for clubs to consider with a view to a vote at next years AGM in July. As things stand any changes needs a 90% majority for them to be sanctioned which would mean only 8 clubs need to vote against for them to be rejected.

Having heard from a number of people and spoken to many there seems to be a clear majority against these plans but in order for us to feedback further to the club and the FSF we would very much like to hear opinions from as many fans as possible whether for or against. Please e-mail us at

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