The Mariners Trust 100’s club is a monthly prize draw open to anyone.

Numbers can be purchased in multiples of £5 on a monthly basis by standing order.

For each unit of £5 you will have one entry into the normal monthly draw and twice a year there will be a super draw with more prizes, so for example £15 per month will get you 3 entries into the draws.

All the money raised will be split 50/50 between the prize fund and Mariners Trust, so the more entries the bigger the prize fund. Each month there are four prizes – 1st £200, 2nd – £50 3rd £25 and 4th £10 apart from December when we do a special Christmas draw with more prizes.

To enter the 100’s club, please fill in the standing form and return to  the address shown or set up on your internet banking and just e-mail to let us know. Here is the link: –

Mariners Trust 100s Club Form

Here are the winners over the last 12 months.

Month 1st (£200) 2nd (£50) 3rd (£25) 4th (£10)
April 2021 Peter Goodwin Paul Roberts Peter Goodwin Joanne West
March 2021 Stuart White D Maltby Chris Parker Joanne West
February 2021 Graham Precious Richard Cole Robin Antil Peter Goodwin
January 2021 Richard Cole Dave Roberts Andy Leonard Kristine Green
December 2020 R Cole

I Townsend

N Cook (£100)

A Rutter (£75)

I Ivey (£75)

T Rudrum (£50)

S Shreeve (£50)

D Ellis  (£25)

E White (£25)

November 2020 C Parker A Leonard S Barwick G House
October 2020 D Ellis T Rudrum M Roberts N Hooton
September 2020 P Goodwin I Townsend M Hubbard C Hullet
August 2020 S White P Goodwin D Smaller G Milborn
July 2020 P Goodwin K Campbell D Smaller P Storr
June 2020 Baz Whittleton Richard Cole Brian Nicholson R Antill
May 2020 P Goodwin Alex Gerlis Richard Cole Gaz Summers
April 2020 M J Bell Dave Roberts Mike Roberts Emma White
March 2020 P Goodwin Nick Cook Alan Rutter Derek Snell
February 2020 Mike Roberts Graham House Mike Roberts Stan Shreeve
January 2020 Pete Gibson Stuart White Richard Cole Andrew Leonard
December 2019 Chris Parker

Ian Ivey

Stan Shreeve (£100)

Pete Roberts (£75)

P Goodwin (£75)

S Traves (£50)

Grant Maconachie (£50)


K Campbell

H Swain