Mariners Trust Statement -Away Ticket Allocations

3rd December 2021.

We know many fans are disappointed with the ticket allocation for our away game against FC Halifax
Town on Boxing Day and understandably, as a board, we share that disappointment.

The decision to allocate 1200 tickets for the FC Halifax Town game has been made following a report
from their Safety Advisory Group, which includes the local council (who own their ground), and the
local Police Force. A review of the ticket allocation was requested, but ultimately neither club can
over-rule the SAG report so no further tickets beyond the 1200 will be available.

We also understand that it is frustrating that some clubs have made last minute decisions to sell
tickets on the gate for fixtures, despite informing GTFC that there would be no on the day sales.
Again, this is entirely at the discretion of the home club. We can, and have, always offered our insight
on the number of Grimsby Town supporters clubs can expect, to allow them to manage their
decision making as effectively as possible.

We, as a Trust, will always try to do what we feel is best for supporters, but sometimes these
decisions are regrettably out of the control of the club or Trust.

Kristine and Dave will continue to be involved in ticketing decisions and assist in negotiations to
ensure we can secure as many as possible for future fixtures